I searched the catalog for "Japan," "Music," and "YGYL." No Japanese music thread to be found.

Let's get it going. I don't have much, but what I do have are webms I've made myself.

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YGYL: Trance #3

Previous Thread: >>2344326
Any type of trance music is welcome in this thread.

>My song is too long! How do I bypass the board's time limit?
After encoding your webm, open your hex editor of preference and look for the following hex value: 448988
The 8-digit string after it is the webm's duration value
Change it to any of the following:
(44 89 88)41 12 4F 80 (5 min /wsg/ limit)
(44 89 88)40 FD 4C 00 (2 min other board limit)
(44 89 88)3F F0 00 00 (1 ms, funky timeline)

>Your taste in trance is shit
Post something "good", then

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YGYL - OC - Any Genre

YGYL - You Groove You Lose. OC Only. Any Genre

Posting stuff from my music exploration days

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Joys of Summer

Apart from a notable increase in buffoonery and a correspondent decrease in quality concerning the content posted on certain image boards, summer is not exactly the worst time a year, is it?

Despite this initial WebM, this is not another YGYL thread. This is about fun. This is about free association: Think of happiness, then think of summer. Any overlaps? – Post 'em!

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Happy/upbeat edition

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Let's go!