YGYL: You Know the Drill


I refuse to allow this board to have sixteen ygyl threads and each one has some bull-huckey about how it's only for "Russian polka set to classic 1960 films" or some madness.

Post music, any kind at all, as long as you like it and think people will enjoy it.

Let's go!

YGYL: Music Mashups.

Last thread was fun.
I'll make some more.

Let's go!

Starting a YGYL Sauce thread because WSR has a retarded file size limit.

Posting 3 to start.

Let's go!

YGYL: Techno mode

YGYL: Techno mode. Dark, dub techno, minimal: Industrial feelings

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YGYL: Breaks Edition

YGYL: Breaks edition
Genres under Breaks -
Drum and bass (liquid, jungle, standard)Oldschool Breakbeat/Hardcore/DNB, Oldschool Junglelist, Oldschool Happy Hardcore, Breakcore, Neuropunk, Junglist

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YGYL: Classic

The last threads about filled, rules are simple, post the groovy tunes.

I'll post some stuff to get us started, folks, bring in the classics or some new shit.

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YGYL: Classic Baby

Keep up the same pace, my boys Last threads outta posts. YGYL, no rules. Just post some jamming stuff.

Somehow, both the ones I made keep staying alive, not sure how thats possible.

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Standard YGYL

Only shit threads atm

Let's go!


pls need more

Let's go!