YGYL - japan

didn't find one in the catalog so lets have a thread dedicated to the exploration of japanese music

please do not post vocaloid

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Joys of Summer

Apart from a notable increase in buffoonery and a correspondent decrease in quality concerning the content posted on certain image boards, summer is not exactly the worst time a year, is it?

Despite this initial WebM, this is not another YGYL thread. This is about fun. This is about free association: Think of happiness, then think of summer. Any overlaps? – Post 'em!

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Thats the rule: you post something, and someone else give the sauce. You than say THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

and everybody are happy

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Retrowave YGYL

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NEW You Groove You Lose
OLD THREAD >>2383751

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Saturday Night YGYL

It's Saturday Night, time for some audible goodness!

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