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YGYL anime

YGYL anime edition. I know there are a few others here but it narrows it down a bit. btw, anything garden of words is appreciated. Looking for one I cant quite find. (this file was the only thing i had)

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YGYL anime 2

YGYL anime continuation of >>2977252 . I quite enjoyed it but it seems filled up so we'll start once again.

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YGYL: Breaks Edition

YGYL: Breaks edition
Genres under Breaks - - -
Drum and Bass: (liquid / Jungle / Standard)
Oldschool: (Breakbeat / Hardcore /DnB)
Oldschool Junglelist, Oldschool Happy Hardcore, Breakcore, Neuropunk, and Half Beat

>what is drum and bass

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YGYL: People Dancing Edition

People dancing to some type of music. None of that still image just music playing bullshit.

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YGYL: Vidya games

Remixes allowed

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YGYL - Chill/Hype Edition

I am looking for songs that have the lofi/vaporwave vibe.

Whether they make you wanna fuck shit up John Wick style or chill in a bean bag chair is what I like.

Bonus Points for cool video to accompany it.

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YGYL: Techno Edition

YGYL: Techno Edition. Preferably Dark, Minimal, Dark or, at least, Acid Techno. But all types are welcome
I start:

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Fuck YLYL, fuck YGYL, fuck /pol/ threads, fuck tiktok shite.


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music - related YLYL
>brbr deng

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YGYL - all the genres, whatever works

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Can't seem to find the sauce on this one. Would be great if an anon would help me out

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